KLEEMANN Design|Blue Line

We see the lift not as just a small square box 
that moves you up and down but as a means of 
transportation that provides a unique experience.

It’s a totally different feeling.

We design the lift as a high tech vehicle that 

provides you new sensations”.


——Andreas Zapatinas


The Blue Line Concept

A constitutional element of "KLEEMANN Design" is the "Blue Line Concept".

  • Blue is the color of tranquility and communication. Line means simplicity and is the easiest way to consolidate two points.

  • The "Blue Line Concept" forms the union between you and the calmness and safety of your ride.

  • It welcomes you in peace and it moves you, moving all your senses at the same time.

  • The Blue line will guide you, the attractive design of the doors will welcome you and up close you can touch and feel everything. When you enter, you can live in full, the unique space we created in the lift cabin.


Blue Line COP