KLEEMANN CHINA, a subsidiary of KLEEMANN GROUP, was established in Kunshan, in 2011, within the context of the company's long track of development and brand expansion and in order to ameliorate its services to China, the Far East and the Pacific.

In KLEEMANN CHINA, we offer superior quality, with a variety of lift solutions that create a whole unique experience to the end user. We expertise in special projects and we therefore are the first choice when it comes to tailor made lift solutions featuring innovative and original design. The product range covers any need for vertical transport and mobility. View the products list here. KLEEMANN GROUP strategically expanded its manufacturing footprint by investing on the specialized manufacturing plant in Kunshan, recognising the need for the on-the-spot production. KLEEMANN CHINA provides the local markets with upscale service and 24-hour call support.

Within the context of its quality policy, KLEEMANN CHINA commits itself to manufacturing and offering its customers certified superior quality products and services. The implemented Quality Assurance System meets all safety and quality requirements as provided by European legislation. This System is in compliance with: 

KLEEMANN is one of the major lift companies in the European and global market. It was founded in 1983 in Greece. With more than 30 successful years of experience, KLEEMANN is proud of its strong global brand name, high quality standards and flexible specialized solutions for which the company is renowned.

With German technical know-how and company-owned manufacturing facilities in Greece, Serbia and China, KLEEMANN maintains its local presence in countries such as Greece, Serbia, China, the United Kingdom, Australia, Kingdom, Germany, Turkey & France.

KLEEMANN exports to more than 100 countries worldwide, among them being the UK, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, New Zealand, Romania, Turkey, Australia & Cyprus. Guided by consistency, flexibility, fast service, innovation and development, the company remains one of the financially healthiest companies in Europe.

KLEEMANN is a financially healthy Group, with its profits, margins and sales increasing both in 2013 and in 2014. The internationalization strategy and extroversion during the recent years has resulted in the Group being present in more than 100 countries, with international sales amounting to 89% of its turnover.

Moreover, the company presents an excellent capital structure, with the available cash standing higher than bank loans, and with the total equity being more than double its liabilities. As a result, the Group is financially self-sufficient, and has secured enough funds to ensure its unhindered operation and future growth.

In the following table you can find a few key figures of KLEEMANN GROUP:

Income statement 2013 2014 2015
Total Sales 94 824 973,14 97 964 157 107 047 447
Sales in European Union 41 186 301,43 41 630 339 45 436 326
Sales in other countries 53 638 671,71 56 333 818 61 611 121
Gross Margin 34,4%  35 % 31,1%
Net Profit’s 5 570 751,43  6 336 463 4 804 065
Net Profit Margin 5,9%  6,5 % 4,5%
Balance sheet      
Total Assets 138 224 970 133 886 545 137 975 300
Total Liabilities 46 662 042,04 43 856 965 49 165 275
Total Equity 91 562 927,77  90 029 580 88 810 025
Cash & Cash Equivalents 26 348 281,19 27 431 169 20 663 912
Bank Loans 21 352 590,64 17 220 413 19 592 538
Countries with offices or subsidiaries 11 13 15
Personnel number 926 998 1 094